Expect a Comprehensive Jailbreak for iOS 7 Soon Says


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- For eagerly awaiting iPhone users who have either upgraded to the latest iOS 7 or had an in-built iOS 7 when they purchased their new apple product, the jailbreaking specialist site has recently informed that the iOS 7 jailbreak will be released shortly and it could be the most complete jailbreak till date.

The site which is entirely dedicated in sharing latest news on jailbreaking the iOS 7 has even stated in one of its publications that the common misconception that iOS 7 can’t be jailbroken is untrue and in fact both tethered and untethered jailbreaks are possible.

Yet, the rumors are if it is possible then why the jailbreak is not currently available. Also there is a concern amongst iPhone users that jailbreaks of beta version of the latest iOS 7 were also instantly released, however the iOS 7 jailbreak is nowhere to be found. To this the iOS 7 Jailbreaker has answered that certain jailbreaks are in fact already available but not by popular and reliable groups such as the Evad3rs and @pod2g. Hence, it is best to wait for the pros to come up with a solution or experiment with new coders at own risk.

Despite the popularity of jailbreaking many iPhone users are still confused whether it is legal or not. Regarding this issue has clearly stated, “Jailbreaking is officially legal as long as one doesn’t do it for the sake of creating pirate apps”. Under its popular publication ‘Top Myths About iOS 7 Jailbreaking’ it has also been mentioned that jailbreaking does not deteriorate the performance of any Apple product nor does it reduce the battery life.

It seems the site is the frontrunner in providing updates and information regarding jailbreaking of the iOS 7. The site has already published a ‘Top iOS 7 Jailbreaks’ which is the only authentic list of companies that can actually jailbreak the iOS 7. Any news on the wholesome jailbreak release will most probably be uploaded instantly on the website.

About is one of the leading blogs that discusses jailbreaking of Apple products especially those that are compatible with iOS 7. Through the website,, numerous publications regarding jailbreaking and techniques of how to jailbreak the latest iOS 7 can be viewed. The website is one of the best resources offering comprehensive information on jailbreaking to the general public and explaining all details in layman terms.

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