Experience Fae Magick at Its Best with Fairy Kaleidoscope

Fairy Kaleidoscope is a unique and mystical shop for all things Fairy, with fabulous Fairy gifts and integral Fairy education.


Midvale, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2012 -- Fairy Kaleidoscope is a very eccentric online shop offering beautiful hand-made Fairy houses, Fairy furniture, Fairy doors, and Goddess pendants.  This is a great place to reawaken the inner child or to bring a child a very special gift that they’ll remember for a lifetime.  Not only does the site provide great Fairy products, but it is also an invaluable resource for anything about fairies, as it offers a multitude of Fairy education, as well as information about other mystical beings.

Each Fairy Kaleidoscope product is carefully handcrafted by artist Ivithja Woodwoman, using mostly natural resources.  This exquisite form of art is sure to bring much happiness, laughter, and evoke many interesting conversations, not to mention they make great decorative displays.

The Fairy Kaleidoscope website is beautifully designed and user-friendly with easy navigation.  The tales of Fairies, Tree Spirits, and other mystical beings easily draws one in wanting more.  With vibrant colors and enticing words, Fairy Kaleidoscope is a great escape into the Fairy Realm, where one can relax and sit in peace or dance among the flowers, while singing with the trees.

“Things previously impossible may become possible… place your feet upon the earth’s forest floor, let your feet become the roots that allow a tree to soar…soar with the Fae into unimaginable heights. Oh human soul, connect with all you have forgotten……”

Fairy Kaleidoscope provides the perfect opportunity to pick up delightful holiday gifts for any Fairy lover or special, precious child.  With a variety of Fairy houses, furniture, and more, any lucky soul receiving a gift from Fairy Kaleidoscope will be Fairy happy indeed.

To learn more about Fairy Kaleidoscope and to view their fabulous array of Fairy products, visit

Ivithja Woodwoman
The Fairy Kaleidoscope
Midvale, Utah