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Experience Gifts Company Funsherpa Adds New and Exciting Activities to Its Website


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- Funsherpa, an experience gifts company that offers people unique and memorable ideas for presents, has just added a wide variety of new and fun experiences to its website. From golf lessons in Chicago and New York flight experiences to sailing adventures in Boston and delicious food tours in San Francisco, Funsherpa offers a fantastic variety of alternatives to traditional gifts.

As anyone who has tried to come up with 30th birthday gift ideas for a friend knows quite well, it can be challenging to purchase something that is truly meaningful. Too often, presents like picture frames, DVDs, books and clothing end up sitting on a shelf or hanging in a closet.

Thanks to the amazing selection of over 2,000 experiences that are available from Funsherpa, shoppers can purchase incredible memories for their friends and loved ones—not some knick knack that will just gather dust. The company is especially popular with people who are looking for a birthday gift idea for men or women who already have everything.

Funsherpa’s user-friendly website includes detailed information about the variety of experience gifts it offers—the only difficult part might be deciding which one to purchase first! A list of categories on the left-hand side of the home page helps shoppers narrow down their search to specific genres of people or places.

For example, a section of the website titled “Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend” has a variety of suggestions that start at just $20.

“We’ve got tons of manly, memorable birthday gifts for your boyfriend,” an article on the Funsherpa website noted.

“Perhaps he would enjoy something physical like rock climbing in Chicago, or maybe he would prefer to indulge by sampling Washington, DC’s finest cuisine and take in a show after that. Whether your boyfriend is adventurous, artistic, mellow, wild, somewhere in between, Funsherpa will help you find unique birthday gifts for your boyfriend.”

After choosing which experience they wish to purchase, shoppers may decide whether to email the voucher directly or send it in a luxurious gift box. Once recipients receive their gift voucher, they can book and redeem it at their convenience.

About Funsherpa
Funsherpa is an “experience gift” provider that has been delivering alternatives to boring gifts since 2009. Customers are no longer pigeonholed into buying tired and predictable gifts. Experiences provided by Funsherpa range from skydiving to $200,000 flights in space. The company has 2,000-plus experiences in major cities including San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. For more information, please visit http://www.funsherpa.com