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New York Hypnotherapy and Meditation offers a highly rewarding journey to discovery of life’s purpose through Past Life Regression.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2013 -- Imagine if a person could travel back into time and reveal their many past lives. This time travel could give them a much greater understanding of who they are and why they do the things that they currently do, as well why they face the type of issues they do. New York Hypnotherapy and Meditation makes this time travel quite possible through Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression helps one to garner an elevated awareness and greater sense of reality. It enables one to see the “big picture” and discover their life’s purpose. We are all born into lives that will help our souls to learn and grow to step higher up the spiritual ladder. Some question “why me?” as they face life’s many challenges, not realizing each moment is for their own growth and development. It doesn’t have to be so difficult, so long as we realize the messages and lessons before us. It’s when we don’t realize the aforementioned that things get truly tough. The lessons get harder and harder until we are forced to change or realize the message before us.

When we are walking our true path, things flow much more smoothly. Sure, there are still bumps in the road, but we are better equipped to accept them and walk through them with grace and appreciation. Past Life Regression is a powerful tool that helps us to live the life we want. Hidden deeply in our subconscious is our spiritual plan and map. Past Life Regression is the key to unlock this mystery and bring to the forefront the information we need to overcome the greatest of challenges and live a truly fulfilling life.

By looking into our past lives, we begin to see a pattern. Through that pattern the bigger picture emerges and we are then blessed with that wonderful “aha” moment. It is this epiphany that allows one to move forward through life with greater clarity and fearlessness.

Past life regression hypnosis can help one to get a greater understanding of why they are drawn to certain people or places and how their current struggles are relevant to actions and agreements from past lives.

Past Life Regression NYC sessions help to:

Open doors to deeper levels of Mind & Spirit
Feel more harmony in personal life
Move forward in positive direction
Unlock true potential
Feel happier & develop high self-esteem
Resolve current conflicts & struggles
Break free of things that hinder progress
Release anxieties, phobias, fears & insecurities
Heal physical ailments
Achieve greater relaxation
Obtain clarity

Past Life Regression sessions usually last between 2 to 2.5 hours. A professional Past Life Regression therapist guides the client through the experience, helping them to open the doors of discovery. The therapist will ask a series of questions that lead the client through their past lives’ journey to reveal specific facts. Although, the therapist does not tell the client their past lives, it is the client who sees and discovers what is there. This realization within the self is what helps one to achieve the greatest clarity and allows them the most profound change.

Past Lives Regression is ideal for anyone who:

Has an unexplainable interest in things beyond their scope of experience
Feels a strong connection to an unfamiliar culture
Has unusually strong emotional bond to someone they don’t seem to know
Dislikes or distrusts a person with no obvious reason for it
Has a love for historical buildings and antiques
Is considered wise beyond their years (an “old soul”)

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