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Get a universal remote that lets you do a lot more than just watch TV


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- For those who are tired of the old fashioned remote that don't give the flexibility needed for the modern times, WHYremote is the answer. Why Remote is the remote control of tomorrow that does a lot more than just change channels. It’s astonishing features give it the ability to adjust the volume, power on and off, get weather updates, answer phone calls, and do a lot more, truly making it futuristic in its concept and its functions.

WHYremote© technology is revolutionary. It is based on an electroencephalography, embedded voice control technology, motion detection algorithms with exclusive fingertip tracking capabilities, vision control sensor technologies and more. This is more than a TV remote; it is a hand gesture remote, a voice control remote, a facial recognition remote and also a universal remote that will tell one of the weather updates, set timers to auto turn off/on the TV, connects the TV via Wi-Fi to connect devices like mobile phones and other smart devices to the TV, and also facilitates recording programs through voice commands.

“WHYremote© is not your average remote; it is a new and improved way to live your life. This remote can make your TV do so much more, like turning your TV in to a personal assistant even while you’re away and control how much TV kids can watch, automatically record programs that you would want to watch while you aren’t home, tell you the local weather forecasts, maps, and current conditions for your favorite locations worldwide so that you aren’t in for a surprise with unexpected rain the next day and do so much more”, says Darlene Torres who works with the WHYremote© technology. “And that’s not all it can do. It can also automatically store your music, photos, apps, documents, and more and wirelessly push them to all your TVs in a jiffy! “

Why Remote is truly the way to step in to the future today. It’s the first ever television remote that is designed to change the way we experience television. It removes the stress of having to find the remote, or change dead batteries, or struggle with the old buttons because it’s based on the user's hand motions, voice, mind control, and eye sight. What is better is that it is also changing the lives of those with physical handicap and disabilities.

For more information, please visit http://www.whyremote.com

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