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Coffeewaiter.com adds Hurricane and Marley Coffee K-Cups to its list of ultra-premium Gourmet coffee.


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Coffeewaiter.com – one of leading e-stores offering single serving K Cup coffee packs of leading manufacturers of organic and gourmet coffee brands in the USA has included Hurricane and Marley Coffee in its product list.

K-Cup Coffee without doubt is the preferred way Americans prefer their coffee and most households and office pantries are stocked with a variety of different K-Cup blends. According to Coffeewaiter.com – their research led them to understand that at least most people like to experiment with their coffee and keep trying new flavors and tastes.

For a true coffee connoisseur, Gourmet K-Cup Coffee manufactured by companies like Hurricane Coffee and Martinson Coffee, offer a delectable variety of choices. Their coffees are available in a variety of strengths which is dictated by different types of ‘roasts’ the beans are put through. The milder versions are lightly roasted, while more potent brews are the result of dark roasted beans.

This is however, just one of the factors that contribute to coffee’s final taste. The geography matters as well. Organic Ethiopian K-Cup Coffee tastes distinctly different from Colombian K-Cup Coffee.

That’s because even though both of them have the same Arabica roots, flavors depend on where the coffee is cultivated. The soil, weather, moisture levels and even neighboring foliage affect the coffee beans’ taste. So while Colombian coffee has a bold taste with a dark texture, while gourmet Ethiopian coffee is loved across the world due to its smooth and easy flavor with a floral after taste.

This however, is just the beginning. K-Cup blends especially those of the Donut Shop boast a wide variety of different flavors. It’s Vanilla Hazelnut 24 Count is often rated as the best hazelnut k cup coffee in the US. Also much loved is its chocolate chip cookie K-Cup. Without doubt, Donut Shop is the first choice for those like their coffee to be caramelized and nutty.

CoffeeWaiter also has something special for tea lovers. Authentic Gourmet Tea K-Cups by Higgins and Burke are most of most bought products on the site. Its Chai Tea K Cup is special blend, which is popularly known as Masala tea in India, which is made from premium Assam tea leaves and blended with a variety of healthful spices. If you prefer something milder, Coffeewaiter.com recommends the Chamomile Tea K-cups which is a supremely delicate blend of of calming chamomile, uplifting mint and fresh lemongrass.

Most K-Cup variants of leading brands sold at Coffeewaiter.com are almost 20% cheaper as compared other specialty online Coffee stores.

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