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Experienced Deck Experts at Deckhelmet Announce Revolutionary Deck Preservation System


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2012 -- There’s nothing more enjoyable than having a great space in the back yard with which to entertain. Grilling steaks and sharing a drink with good friends is taken to the next level with the addition of a wooden deck. One of those lifetime investments that both adds value to the family home and provides endless joy in its ability to bring a family together, it’s no wonder that more and more American’s everywhere are investing in a deck.

But if there’s one downside, it’s a big one; the fact that owning a deck requires regular expensive maintenance in order to keep the space in usable condition. Homeowners everywhere risk having their pride and joy warp, split and shrink should they choose to forgo regularly upkeep on their deck. Recently, thousands of households around the country have found a better way, that of the unique and amazing deck preservation system offered by the experts at Deckhelmet.

Deck Helmet have launched an amazing alternative to traditional deck maintenance which is significantly less expensive and longer lasting than their competitors. Using a patented synthetic application, a treatment by the Deck Helmet team leaves American’s everywhere with a deck like new; smooth, clean and ready for as much entertainment as a homeowner can throw at it. Customers across the country and so thrilled they’re expressing themselves via hundreds of unanimously positive Deck Helmet reviews, available on leading consumer review sites around the country.

Based in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Deck Helmet has been so successful that their unique system is now available nationally. Consumer feedback websites have been so resoundingly inundated with positive testimonials that the Deck Helmet ratings are showing off the charts. Families everywhere can’t get over the fact that they can get a like-new deck for a fraction of the cost of a deck replacement that also dramatically reduces maintenance requirements. Now there’s more time spent out on the deck for leisure and less time with the toolkit repairing problems.

So it can be no wonder then that Deckhelmet is taking the country by storm as it reinvigorates decks across the country while saving families thousands on the cost of regular deck upkeep. Now more families than ever before can enjoy a like-new deck at a fraction of the cost of a replacement thanks to the amazing team at Deck Helmet.

About Deck Helmet
Deck Helmet is a specialist deck restoration and resurfacing firm based in the suburbs of Washington D.C. With a truly unique method of deck repair that delivers like-new results at a fraction of the cost of a replacement, Deck Helmet is taking the country by storm. Committed to delivering on their promise to slash the annual cost of deck maintenance for families everywhere, Deck Helmet is truly giving the joy of deck ownership back to American’s from all corners of the nation. For more information, visit http://www.deckhelmet.com