Experienced Entrepreneur Mark Stein Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for the Documentary Film Project 'Modern Mediums'

Do people who go to mediums communicate with loved ones that have passed on? The documentary film Modern Mediums investigates this together with the viewers and sees what they learn.


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2014 -- Most of us have heard about mediums who say they can receive messages from people who have passed away. Mark Stein is a very curious person, definitely leaning towards the skeptical, but he has also seen things and heard about experiences he just can't explain. He is expecting to receive adequate support for this project to create a film that digs deeper and digs as objectively as possible.

Mark is a successful entrepreneur who has never made a movie before, but he does know how to build a solid team and deliver what he promises. The essential "win" for this project is that he has convinced John Cole to come on board as the film's director and creative head honcho. With John come his staffs of editors, writers and production gurus that are going to give life to this documentary.

Unlike a lot of what is filmed these days, Mark and his team is not embarking to either do a "puff" piece or a hatchet job. They just want to learn and approach this in a logical way. They've already heard from many people interested in participating in the movie in some way and they're getting contacted every week as more people hear about this project. Based on how many posts they've gotten on social media, this is clearly a topic the world is curious about.

To bring together the people and the technology needed to produce a professional, broadcast quality HD movie takes a bunch of money. There's just no way around that. Mark Stein’s ambition is to produce something good enough to be noticed at film festivals and worthy of large audiences. This is why this project needs a big number of backers to bring this all together.

This project will only be funded if at least $95,000 is pledged by Sun, Jun 1 2014 02:00 AM +05:30.

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