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Pacifica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2014 -- Longega Events is a name that is synonymous with leading event management business intelligence, and has helped launch brands, products and companies of today. The event management company has been an important part of many global events, international meetings and conferences, marketing expos, exhibitions and so on. Now, the brand is happy to invite new partners who are a part of the event management and planning community by opening up the stage for new opinions and suggestions to flow.

Longega Events is inviting experienced event planners and managers with a voice to express their opinions, share their experiences and reach a broad audience by writing for this prestigious international events magazine.

Guest posts help other learn about new business practices, stay informed about what is happening in the market, as well as help businesses connect with partners and grow their network by exchanging mutually beneficial information. The Longega Events guest post program provides a platform to achieve all this for individual event planners and event management companies.

This is an initiative as well as a call for new talent to join by saying something about an event or posting useful information that can benefit the community at large.

By writing guest posts about event management and planning, writers can also exhibit their writing talent and use the opportunity to become a part of the team here.

The business of event planning and management relies on making new ties and maintaining them. The guest post platform can prove to be an amazing opportunity for businesses across the globe to share their thoughts and benefit from the already established network of partners Longega Events has.

About Longega Events
Longega Events has always worked towards sharing its experience and insights with the event management community. The company has launched an exclusive platform for guest post writing that can be used by businesses to strengthen their hold in the market and by individuals to derive success from their resources.

Longega Events successfully launched the online event planning and management magazine to educate, entertain and inspire event planners around the world.

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