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Experienced Financial Consultant Launches a Free Bankruptcy Help Protection Guide

With Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 personal bankruptcies on the rise, many turn to bankruptcy help from attorneys when filing for bankruptcy. This new, free guide demonstrates how it’s possible to file for bankruptcy with or without a bankruptcy attorney.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- Keith Rossignol, a business and real estate financial consultant with over 25 years’ experience, has today announced the launch of the Free Bankruptcy Protection Guide on his website. This guide presents facts relating to bankruptcy as well as providing bankruptcy help. More importantly, the Free Bankruptcy Protection Guide demonstrates how anyone wishing to file for personal bankruptcy in United States, can do so with or without a bankruptcy attorney.

As a result of the recent recession suffered by the United States, many are struggling with debts and in lots of cases; debts have risen to the point where families and individuals as well as businesses throughout the US are eventually crippled by them. The mounting pressures added by creditors constantly harassing people that have debts adds a great deal of unwanted stress. As anyone with mounting debts will attest, having to then spend extra money on a bankruptcy attorney might not be feasible. Thankfully, the Free Bankruptcy Protection Guide details everything anyone needs to know with regards to filing for Chapter 7 and/or Chapter 13. This report is designed to assist the reader understand his or her rights by providing relevant and timely information. The guide includes links to important forms, as well as other useful information, which has been provided by the US Federal and State Government. Above all, this report shows the facts, giving the reader peace of mind as they can decide for themselves if they want to hire a bankruptcy attorney or not.

By reading this free bankruptcy guide, the reader can quickly discover which type of bankruptcy protection is best for them. By explaining the rights of each US citizen - which are listed within the United States of America’s Bankruptcy Laws – the free guide makes the decision to file or not to file for bankruptcy an easier one.

The author of the Free Bankruptcy Protection Guide is dedicated in helping his fellow Americans by providing valuable information, all in one, easy to follow guide. For more information about bankruptcy protection, visit and read up and watch other articles and videos related to filing for bankruptcy help.

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The author feels very strongly that people should unite and stand together once again by helping each other, in order for this country to get back on track; and that is why he is offering his fellow Americans this information on his website-blog for free.

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