Experienced Guitar Player Teaches How to Play the Guitar on Your Own

A website called Your Beginner Guitar Lessons is offering some of the best lessons online to teach a beginner how to play the guitar on their own. These lessons are free and extremely detailed.


New Orleans, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- Experienced guitar player Jason Gay understands that it isn't easy to learn how to play the guitar on your own. This is why is why he built a website called Your Beginner Guitar Lessons to help teach average people how to play the guitar on their own.

"I have been playing the guitar for a number of years now and it took me a very long time to get the skill level I'm at now. I created to help cut the learning curve for the beginners out there that want to learn on their own and can't afford a professional instructor like I couldn't."

The owner Jason also states, "If you don't have the proper information you will spend a lot of time learning bad habits and struggling to figure out what you need to learn next in order to reach that next level. Eventually, after practicing for hours and not seeing any improvement you'll give up in frustration and never want to pick up a guitar again. I have seen way too many people give up on learning to play the guitar because they just didn't have the right information to guide them. Our site will provide you with the fundamentals like basic chords, to more advanced guitar lessons like playing solos."

Jason didn't like the information that was available out there on the Internet for free so he made his own. You can also find cool videos on and even some great tips on how to properly tune your instrument. The website aims to take you from point A all the way to Z so you get the full idea of how to play the guitar. You'll give everything in order so you know what you need to learn first and what you need to learn next.

If you ever have problems with finding the motivation to keep practicing and learning to play the guitar the website offers a ton of great games you can use to make learning the fundamentals of the instrument fun. There is also some great beginner courses offered on the site's homepage to help you learn to play the guitar even faster.

If you have trouble with your body posture the site has some great images uploaded of how you should sit, stand, hold the guitar, and strum the guitar to get the most out of your performance. If you are serious about learning the guitar Your Beginner Guitar Lessons website is definitely where you need to be.

About YourBeginnerGuitarLessons
The YourBeginnerGuitarLessons website offers a wealth of information you can use to teach yourself how to play the guitar in your home. You can click the link to learn more about the website.

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