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Woburn, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- Patrice, an experienced massage therapist and an expert of various massaging techniques, has recently launched his blog which will offer advice and tips on how to handle muscle problems. The blog which was initially aimed to help Patrice’s clients has gained wide attention for its simple yet informative articles that provide instant solutions to common muscle ailments.

It is Patrice’s in-depth knowledge that can be clearly witnessed via his articles which offer insights to muscle problems. For example, his homepage itself discusses how massaging is highly effective, if performed correctly, as it not only works on the layers of muscles but also activates the genes which help decrease soreness and inflammation. This activation further leads to the increase in the creation of mitochondria, structures responsible for production of cell energy, which helps in eliminating muscle pain.

The Massage By Patrice blog also puts common muscle treatment misconceptions to an end. The article titled “Treating a Pulled Muscle: Heat Versus Ice” is an example of how people are unaware on how to treat common ailments such as pulled muscle and in fact might opt for a solution that is actually just the opposite of recommended.

Patrice clarifies that pulled muscle is used generically and could mean ‘sprained’ or ‘strained’ muscle. Patrice further adds that usually people do not visit a doctor instantly upon pulling a muscle and there are certain home remedies to ease the pain and increase recovery period. For the heat vs. ice debate, he says that ice is preferred and recommended by most physicians to bring down the immediate inflammation and swelling. Also he says that ice is also beneficial if there is a bleeding in the area. However, he advises not to ice the muscles for too long, 10 to 15 minutes max and use a towel or a thick cloth rather than direct application.

Such articles are very common on the website and do offer tips that very well can be used by a person in their lifetime. Further articles include discussions on muscle spasms, knotted muscles, muscle cramps, massaging techniques and also advice on which home massagers to purchase and which to avoid.

About is a recently launched blog of an experienced massage therapist Patrice, who has over his extensive years treated many individuals. The blog offers numerous insightful articles on how to treat common muscle problems at home and discusses various aspects of massaging itself. Since the tips on the blog are directly from Patrice himself, they are proven methods of treating muscles and are recommended by physicians.

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