Experiencing the Aid of REIKI, a Japanese Technique


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- Reiki a Japanese technique which helps in reducing stress and relaxes your mind along with promotes healing. It is based on the unseen “life energies” surrounded by our body. It is a method of spiritual healing and self –improvement and can be used by everyone in their daily lives. It has no side effects and does not need medical help or treatment, just energy is needed for Reiki.

It is a treatment done with twelve basic hand positions, which gives you a wonderful glowing radiance feeling that flows in and around you. Reiki needs to be done somewhere away from traffic, and a room which is quiet, serene with a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Colours used in the room should be soft, pleasant and soothing. Uses of plants, blinds over the windows are suggested as well.

You must remember that Reiki is based on energy therapy, and they work on levels apart from physical, so the people, who are getting it done needs to be receptive towards it, and quick results can’t be guaranteed but you will get your desired results for sure, but in a slow span of time. Reiki is used in everything we do, we see, and the problems we face, therefore there are several benefits towards it. Emotional, physical and mental, spiritual benefits are gained using Reiki.

Physical Benefits are reduction in body pain, lessening of arthritis pain, stiffness, osteoporosis, and reducing weakening of bones and increase in ease of movements. Chronic illnesses such as headaches, stomach ache, back ache, fatigue, and heart diseases are also cured.

Blood pressure, cholesterol problem, diabetes can also be cured using Reiki.

Scars, burns, mark and tissue regeneration is also done.

Mental and Emotional Benefits are memory improvement, peace of mind, creativity enhancement, confidence and motivation levels, restful sleep, mind stability, vision clarity, reduction in depression as well.

Spiritually Reiki benefits in connection with divine power and other powers of the universe, makes you more spiritually sound and peace.

Other than these there are various other benefits of Reiki such as treating future situations with Reiki which is done in 15-20 minutes. Life lessons can also be obtained from Reiki. Reiki can also be done with children, and their activities. Charging bathtub water can also be done. For daily use, looking for parking space can also become easy using Reiki. Depression and anxiety reduction is effectively done using Reiki. It’s a powerful and useful technique accessible and used by all. Pervasiveness is an implied result where dedication is to foster with simplicity.

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