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Expert Aesthetics Offering Result-Oriented Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Mumbai and Lucknow

Expert Aesthetics is providing a variety of beauty treatments in Lucknow and Mumbai, India, and its laser hair removal treatment is highly effective in eliminating unwanted hair.


Mumbai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2020 -- Expert Aesthetics offers various types of beauty treatments for which it adopts a therapeutic approach. The clinic specializes in anti-ageing aesthetic procedures that help to maintain and restore the youthful definition of one's face and body. Expert Aesthetics aims to achieve natural-looking results for its patients, to make them look and feel their absolute best. The clinic now also provides effective laser hair removal treatment, which is one of the most commonly undertaken cosmetic procedures in the world.

At the latest industry event, the spokesperson of Expert Aesthetics announced, "We now perform laser hair reduction that has gained mainstream popularity as the number one means of getting rid of unwanted hair. It is one of the most commonly undertaken cosmetic procedures in the world. It beams highly concentrated light or laser beam into hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light that eliminates the hair. This procedure retards future chances of hair growth. Multiple sessions are required for permanent hair reduction."

With laser hair removal, the darker and thicker the hair, the higher are the chances of removing it completely. Lighter hair is reduced but may not go away completely. As experts at Indian skincare, Expert Aesthetics offers a quick, safe, permanent and comfortable laser hair removal treatment. Individuals can resume normal activities immediately following their session. However, they should ideally follow the simple aftercare regime prescribed by the clinic's doctors to ensure maximum results and comfort.

The spokesperson further asserted, "Our laser hair removal procedure delivers long-lasting results. It is suitable for all skin types. The treatment is appropriate for large and small areas, while there is no ingrown hair or irritated and infected skin after it takes place. Our doctors draw up a treatment plan for every individual after a detailed analysis of their skin type and hair growth. For best results, patients should avoid threading, plucking or waxing of hair at least three weeks before the laser hair reduction treatment."

For those who want to consult best skin doctor in Mumbai, Expert Aesthetics has the top dermatologist in Mumbai that checks the patient's skin and hair before shaving the treatable area as part of its laser hair removal procedure. Contrary to popular belief, this procedure does not make the hair grow any thicker than it already is. The laser slows the growing capacity of follicles that are in the growth phase during one's cycle. Since some follicles may enter the growth cycle after treatment, multiple sessions are required for optimal results.

About Expert Aesthetics
Expert Aesthetics is an aesthetic treatment clinic that performs a variety of beauty procedures, such as weight loss, hair loss and cosmetic procedures. The clinic also offers pain-free laser hair removal procedure for those searching for laser treatment in Lucknow. Expert Aesthetics additionally provides photo facial, RF skin tightening for the removal of double chin and sagging skin, non-surgical radiofrequency for the removal of acne scars and stretch marks, and peel and laser treatment for pigmentation and skin whitening.

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