Expert at Investing in Penny Stocks Revisits His 12 Predictions for 2012

Peter Leeds, the foremost leading expert at investing in penny stocks, is revisiting his 12 predictions for 2012. Released in January, the predictions covered topics from Occupy Wall Street, to Middle East conflicts, to the American unemployment rate. The first of them to be reviewed was that Peter Leeds expected that Mitt Romney would win the Republican nomination.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Peter Leeds, investing expert, author of 'Invest in Penny Stocks,' and public investing speaker, released his Top 12 Predictions for 2012 special report last January. Now with the year coming to a close, Leeds is revisiting some of the expectations he detailed nearly twelve months ago.

The first prediction was that Mitt Romney would win the Republican nomination. "Keep in mind," mentions Leeds, "that our prediction was made at a time when there were about eight individuals vying for the nomination. The outcome was very much uncertain."

Leeds and his penny stocks investing team make their predictions by monitoring trends, National data, and conferring with knowledgeable sources. They use all of their educated expectations to position themselves well for investing in the right penny stocks which may benefit from the events, such as the penny stocks they have picked since the election.

Leeds and his penny stocks investing team publish Peter Leeds Penny Stocks, the leading newsletter about high quality penny stocks. With over 35,000 subscriptions sold, Peter Leeds Penny Stocks is one of the most popular financial publications in North America.

Leeds, along with his full analysis team, do not take bribes or compensation from any of the companies they review. They have never taken a single penny of payment from any penny stocks which they put before their investing subscribers.

Leeds and his penny stocks team plan to revisit and review their other 11 predictions from 2012, including their call on the dramatic Democratic win in the recent election, and a drop in the unemployment rate from where it sat in January at 9%.

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