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Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- It is rather an unfortunate situation for anybody to be seen as a defendant. It keeps the family and friends worried about their dear ones in the jail. They can approach the Charlotte NC Bail Bonds Service Company to get their dear ones out of jail at the earliest. These experts provide all kinds of Bail Bond Services which includes bail process, posting bonds, bond reduction and many others related to the release. A Bail Bond is a process wherein a monetary guarantee is filed with the court so that the defendant is temporarily out of jail until the case is solved. However, the defendant must appear whenever required at the court.

The Bail Agency takes its responsible for the defendant throughout the bail period which means that they will make sure that the defendant is there for all the court hearings as long as the case is ongoing. They cooperate with the defendants throughout the process by guiding them in each step of the legal system and provide advice wherever and whenever required. It is important that the defendant understands that he or she is innocent until proven. And as a US citizen these defendants are common people who can ask for legal help.

The defendants have the right to know what exactly are the charges levied against him or her. They also have a right to ask for a non-excessive bail and that is where the Charlotte NC Bail Bonds comes into place. These Bail Bond experts make sure that their clients’ rights are protected and respected. The clients’ grievances are attended to on a timely manner. A complete report is provided to the clients as to how they are obligated to be guarantors for the defendants. They deal with all kinds of bail bonds such as cash bail, release of citation, release of own recognizance and property bail.

There are four ways to pay for these bonds such as Cash, Secured Bail Bonds, Unsecured Bail Bonds and Signature or Own Recognizance. And in case the defendants are unable to pay the bail amount in full, they must arrange to pay at least 15% and the remaining amount would be paid by the bail bonds service company. It is important that the defendant attends the court whenever required to so that the bail amount is refunded after completion of the case. However, if the defendant fails to appear at the court, he or she may be arrested.

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Amistad Bail Bonds, http://www. based at Raleigh, North Carolina is a company that specializes in bail bond services. They guarantee a 24 hour bail bond service and it all depends on how soon the clients call this company. In cases where the bail amount is more and the clients cannot secure the bail amount, the agents at the Charlotte NC Bail Bonds Service Company would help secure the bail of the defendant.

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