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Multi-faceted Impele Consulting Group Announces Availability of Every Help to Entrepreneurs Starting Projects in African Countries


Cape Town, SA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Starting a company or business in a foreign country is ordinarily a tough task. More so if that country is located in economically backward or under-developed continent like Africa, the plight of entrepreneurs is very tough. There are innumerable hurdles and pitfalls to cross and overcome, to safeguard the investments made and flourish by sustaining and growing to reap reasonable Return on Investments. In this Internet Age, all these obstacles have been made lighter, with spontaneous help forthcoming from experts in the field through able guidance, assistance, help and problem salvation. The announcement made today by Impele Consulting Group, a service-oriented online organization functioning in the name and style of throws more light on this subject, and comes as a great relief for the business community in Africa Business.

Africa is an upcoming continent in the world business arena, where there is unlimited and untapped potential for all businesses, projects and commercial enterprises that are always in search of competition-less playing grounds. In line with the saying “early birds catch more fish”, enterprises and project-owners ready to take risks in an unknown environment, bubbling with tremendous potential can reap good harvest, if they take bold decisions with prudence.

Yet the challenges posed by a totally alien atmosphere and country with a huge population of people are by no way smaller. Right from the grounds work of project evaluation; cost analysis; research for availability of scope and opportunities existing and expectable; collection and storage of database; to the next development stage of evolving business strategies; financial plans for outlay and capital resourcing; input of human resources for management, control and running the business; to adhering to government rules and regulations etc. are formidable tasks, certainly cannot be done without proper guidance and help from expert local peoples’ assistance.

The announcement made by Impele Consulting Group provides complete answers to all these needs. Their announcement is with the intention of appraising private entrepreneurs, commercial enterprises small, medium and big; NGOs; Government Organizations etc. desirous of staring a project, business or venture individually or in collaboration with local companies across countries in African continent, of their readiness to offer all sorts of help A to Z in consultancy, strategy planning and execution to begin, develop, prosper and flourish their ventures successfully in the African soil.

Precisely, Impele Consulting Group defines their branches of services cover everything in the fields of Project Evaluation and Implementation; Firm Valuation; Forensic Audit; Contracted Management; CSR Strategy and Advisory capabilities; Operations System Design and allied services needed by project owners. Through today’s announcement Impele Consulting Group proclaims to the numerous foreign investors, desirous of conquering business success in the African countries, Impele has teams of experts with local information, insight, and ability to offer the right guidance and help organizations, individual investors and government agencies, all the tools they need to succeed without worries.

In addition to consultancy and guidance, their announcement is pleased to inform Impele Consulting Group is ready to run that extra-mile of providing on-the-ground network to create and manage targeted investment funds, for developing new ventures or turnaround existing ones. Interested customers are invited to visit for obtaining all the details.

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Impele is known as a young, energetic, and fast-growing niche consulting firm. Their team of experts is admired to posses, by their prestigious clientele in many countries, result-oriented experienced local practitioners and has lifted to prosperity many organizations, small, medium and big, to flourish and prosper in their home country and region. No field of business is exempted from obtaining their expert guidance and help for Africa Business.

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