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Expert Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor Uses the Regenerative Power of Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections – What Experts Rely On When Conventional Treatments Fail


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2015 -- Platelet rich plasma is a non-invasive healing therapy that uses certain components from the patient's own blood in order to regenerate and repair soft tissues. Blood platelets release proteins that stimulate the natural healing ability of the body and regenerate tissues.

Chiropratic is a holistic health care profession with a unique focus on the musculoskeletal system. It is dedicated to non-invasive approaches for treating chronic back and neck pain. Chiropractors provide a drug-free treatment and are trained in broad diagnostic skills. These doctors employ rehabilitative therapies, prescribe exercises, and recommend a few dietary and lifestyle changes to restore joint mobility and repair tissue injuries. A Chiropratic diagnosis involves patient's physical examination, imaging, and lab testing and the course of treatment typically centers around manual spinal manipulations for a long-term outcome.

Platelets have the ability to guide the body's disrupted tissues and damaged cells towards self-healing through signaling compounds. Several medical studies have, time and again, stated that NSAIDS have negative ramifications on healing. These drugs temporarily alleviate pain, but in the process stunt the body's primary defense system and ultimately delay the recovery period. While NSAIDS work to lessen the pain arising due to an underlying cause, platelet injections actually work to eliminate the root cause of the pain. PRP has enabled several pain-sufferers to return to an active life.

Expert Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor Reveals The Potential Of Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Stratt is a board certified physician having a vast knowledge of the human anatomy. His 40 years of practice experience has empowered him to unleash the healing power of this cutting-edge treatment that employs the body's innate ability to repair and heal.

Platelet injections consist of powerful proteins that have proven efficacy in boosting the healing process. These injections can significantly reduce the recovery period and have fewer complications. The aging population, injured athletes, and patients suffering from chronic knee pain, tendon injuries, or osteochondral defects are likely to benefit with this radical treatment. Looking for an expert Fort Lauderdale chiropractor? Goodkin Chiropratic is an advanced Chiropratic and injury center, where patients receive comprehensive treatment for accidental injuries from the hands of experienced chiropractors & massage therapists.

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Goodkin Chiropratic is the only medical practice of South Florida that uses platelet-rich plasma for orthopedic treatments. The center is backed by Dr. Stratt's vast knowledge of the human anatomy and 4 decades of experience.

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