Expert in Penny Stocks to Buy, Peter Leeds, States That the Stock Market Has Reached an Encouraging Capitulation Point

Stock market analyst Peter Leeds has announced that stocks are near a capitulation point, resulting in significant upside for many of the penny stocks to buy they follow in their online newsletter.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- Peter Leeds, the authority on penny stocks to buy, public speaker, and author, believes that now may be an opportunity for some investors to buy shares at bottoming prices, according to his recent comments. In online statements, postings in his penny stocks to buy blog, and in his widely followed penny stocks to buy newsletter, Leeds has increasingly been citing a possible capitulation point in many penny stocks, and implied that current prices may be a bottom for many of the equities they follow.

","Investors who buy the right penny stocks now," mentioned Leeds, "may look pretty smart a few months from now. The valuations on many of the penny stocks we follow, and their share prices, are out of whack. There is a tremendous undervaluing going on, and we don't believe that this opportunity will last for much longer."

Leeds explains that capitulation occurs when stock market investors sell in droves, driving the prices down well below their realistic value. As the last of the sellers liquidate their positions, the underlying stocks are left with very little downward pressure, and even moderate buy amounts, or even slight buy amounts, can really give the underlying stocks significant upward price momentum.

"Capitulation in penny stocks can be the best buy signal. When those penny stocks are at what generally will be a technical bottom, the upside becomes pretty great for those that buy."

Leeds explains that he and his penny stocks team do not give buy and sell advice, but that they do provide buy and sell opinions on many of the penny stocks they follow. Leeds also mentions that he and his penny stocks team take absolutely no compensation from the companies they review and profile in their penny stocks to buy newsletter.

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