Expert Insurance Agent Advice Is a Must when Shopping for Life Insurance


Newtown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- No one likes discussing life insurance; we all prefer to think we will live forever.

“While it’s a given that people shy away from the topics of death and life insurance, the plain fact is that at some point, death does happen. If you have not provided for your family financially, how will they cope with you being gone?” asked Clelland Green, RHU, CEO,

With that thought in mind, it is best to regard life insurance as a form of risk management. The best way to reduce or mitigate any financial loss to your family is to purchase appropriate insurance products — such as life insurance. One only need look at the life and death statistics per age group (or even per location) to understand that loss can happen when least expected. While insurance products can be complex and policies filled with jargon, one cannot avoid dealing with or buying them. Avoidance will not make the threat of financial loss for a family in the event of a sudden death vanish.

“Everyone, on some level, realizes they need to plan for the future and that it is a serious topic that has a way of creeping up suddenly and catching people by surprise. Yet, nonetheless, people put it off for a variety of reasons. Tomorrow may bring you a surprise you were not expecting. Could your family cope financially with your sudden death?” Green added.

There are a number of options: whole life, term and universal life insurance polices. These policies may be taken out for various amounts, chosen in consultation with an experienced insurance broker who knows what you hope to accomplish by buying life insurance. These products are designed to suit a wide variety of requirements and offer many options. Life insurance is not the problem; it is the solution. It ensures that your family is cared for if something unexpected happens.

“When considering life insurance, take several factors into account before you choose to buy. For instance: what is your cash flow, how old are you, what are you financial goals and do you have discretionary income? These days, life insurance premiums are extremely reasonably priced and easy to buy. It’s well spent money to protect those you love,” said Green. “Don’t be one of the 30 percent of American households without life insurance, or amongst the 68 percent that have zero savings for an emergency.”

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