Expert on Penny Stocks Announces Best Penny Stocks to Buy Before the Election

With the U.S. presidential election coming in November, there will be numerous opportunities to buy penny stocks which could see rapid growth, according to the expert in penny stocks, Peter Leeds. Public speaker, author, and publisher of the world famous penny stocks to buy newsletter, Leeds states that the election will have major implications on specific industry groups, and investors who know which penny stocks to buy stand to profit handsomely.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- With the countdown to the presidential election at seven weeks, the nation seems to be gearing up for what will be a monumental moment in the nation's history. One expert planning to profit from the commotion is Peter Leeds, a public speaker, author, and publisher of the world famous Peter Leeds penny stocks to buy newsletter.

"Depending on who prevails," states Leeds, "there will be instant and major ramifications. Out of this will come opportunities of penny stocks to buy which will present great profit potential."

Asked about specific penny stocks he and his team will suggest to buy, Leeds comments that they will be reserved for subscribers to his world famous penny stocks to buy newsletter, but that anyone can take a free two week trial. Trials come with all the reports on penny stocks to buy, buy and sell prices, daily updates, and more, says Leeds.

When asked about other websites promoting penny stocks to buy, Leeds says, "that's comparing apples to oranges. They take compensation from the penny stocks they tell you to buy. We do not. They pump and dump. We do not."

Indeed, Peter Leeds and his penny stocks to buy team, have never taken a single cent of compensation for the penny stocks they profile and analyze, and they make it clear that they never will.

Asked which politician he expects to prevail in November, Leeds states, "Obama will win. While others are jumping on the bandwagon now, we did the math last year, and announced it in January, and again in our release entitled 'Democratic victory by Obama reiterated by expert on penny stocks to buy, Peter Leeds' Without being for or against Obama or Romney, it comes down to the math without representative voting. Math is always correct, and Democrats will carry enough States to get 270 electoral votes, even considering margins of error in the nationwide polls, which happen to be irrelevant."

With a glowing record of reporting on penny stocks to buy, and thousands of subscribers from six continents, Leeds and his team constantly research opportunities among low priced shares, and bring these penny stocks to buy in front of the eyes of their followers.