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‘Expert Reports’ Offers Inside Scoop on How to Become a Life Coach


Broken Arrow, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2011 -- Just about everybody knows what sports coaches are, and how they help with the training, teaching and direction of teams or athletes.

In recent years, another type of coach has emerged as a popular profession: life coach. Although not quite as well known as sports coaches, life coaches help support and guide their clients much in the same way traditional coaches assist their teams.

But how does one become a life coach? What type of life coaching courses are required? Is this a job that anyone who likes to help people can do?

A website is getting a lot of attention lately for its recently-launched free report about life coaching certification secrets. Expert Reports features a short video about the profession, along with a free download that is filled with tips on how to become a certified life coach.

“Are you good at helping other people with their problems?” the video asks. “If so, you’d likely enjoy a career as a highly paid life coach.”

As an article on the company’s website explains, life coaching is not the same thing as therapy. Life coaches are not psychologists. The profession is based on the belief that people truly know the answers to their own questions in life; they might just need a little help finding the information they need. Life coaches can help their clients realize things about their lives, and then inspire them to act to make their lives even better.

The video assures those interested in life coach certification that by downloading the report titled “Secrets to Becoming a Certified Life Coach,” it will be possible to make a good living helping others.

“It’s short, to the point, and 100% no fluff,” the video on the website explained, adding that the report will show interested people the steps they need to take to get started on life coach training, building up their clientele, establishing a brand, and working with numerous people.

Downloading the free report is quick and easy; simply log onto the home page of the website and enter in an email address. Within minutes, the information will arrive by email.

“Every day we make trivial choices that although we might not realize it at first these decisions actually have a great impact in our lives,” said an article on the website.

“Life coaches can help us realize certain aspects of our lives, and then provoke us into action to make life more fulfilling.”

About Expert Reports
Expert Reports is a website devoted to offering free information about life coaching. From helpful articles to videos and a free download to a report that details the secrets to becoming a certified life coach, the website is a one-stop-shop for anyone who has contemplated life coaching as a profession. For more information please visit http://expertreports.info/lifecoach