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Expert Team Helps Locate Authentic Garcinia Cambogia for Customers


Panama -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- Recent reports show that there is a wide scandal concerning the product Garcinia Cambogia. The contrasting customer reviews on the product show a large number of angry customers who claim there has been no change in their weight whatsoever. Another category of customers indicates that they have experienced a positive change in their weight within just a week’s time.

The opposing reviews by customers and experts all like have created a commotion. Potential customers are confused as to which group of review they should listen to. In a bid to put an end to this confusion, leading web sites have made a statement that customers should buy only from reliable sites. This has created the probability that that the other group of dissatisfied customers might have bought their weight loss supplement Garcinia Cambogia from fraudulent sites. Multiple sources claim that a test was made on the product from the supposed “fraudulent” sites.

During this test, five voluntary participants who have previously tried Garcinia Cambogia and found no positive result were called out. Another group of five voluntary participants who have previously tried the weight loss supplement and found a marked change in their weight were also called. Here, the experts made the first five participants to take the authentically sourced product for two weeks. The latter five participants were made to take the supplement that was bought from unregistered web sites. After two weeks, all ten participants were scrutinized for any change in their weight.

The first five group who had previously experienced no change, were visibly slimmer and indicated a marked reduction in their weight. As for the second group who had already experienced a positive change after taking Garcinia Cambogia, this time there was no change in their weight whatsoever. This experiment has successfully made its point that there are fake sellers out there and that customers ought to make their purchase only from registered online sellers. For more information please go to

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