Brenda Bentley

Expert Therapist Revisits the Concept of 'Mindfulness'

8 week cognitive therapy to revitalize participants and their thoughts


Birmingham, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- Human beings are creatures of habit. As a species, they take comfort from the fact that they have a routine that helps them get on with their lives. When the routine is problematic, such as with depression, anxiety or worry, it leads to a narrow and constricted experience of life. Mindfulness based approaches are scientifically proven to help, but mindfulness is not just for those who are suffering with a

Mindfulness is making the mainstream with comedian Ruby Wax having released a book on mindfulness and who has retrained as a therapist teaching mindfulness based approaches, says “Mindfulness has really helped me with my depression. Now, when the onslaught of depression starts, I can see it through a different lens. Mindfulness is unbelievable: you can really feel the difference, your heart rate slows down and the cortisol just drains away. Everyone is talking about it – neuroscientists, therapists – why wouldn’t you want to try it? It’s like finding the greatest elixir”

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a psychological therapy that was developed at the University of Oxford to help aid in preventing the relapse of depression. The course is lead by Brenda Bentley who is a certified mindfulness teacher with over 10 years of experience helping individuals deal with overwhelming anxiety disorders. The 8-week course will feature themes which are based on the MBCT curriculum content.

This course which is going to commence on 19 March 2014 and runs for 8 consecutive weeks. The group meets in Harborne Complementary Health Centre each week with the aim to help participants change their relationship with their thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and behaviors so they can break out of habitual reactions to being intentionally responsive. The course will help individuals refresh their perception and as they learn to at their thoughts differently rather from the world structured by their problematic thinking patterns.

During the period of the course, each participant will be handed a workbook, other reading material and guided mediation audio MP3’s. Though each class of the course will last for two hours, at the end of each class, participants can begin to see and experience change. Courses are also scheduled to run in Leamington Spa beginning in March 2014. For dates and booking information visit:

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