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Expert Tree Pruning from Tarzan Tree Service Improves the Life of Surrounding Plants


Hampton Roads, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2017 -- Residents looking to help their gardens thrive and their trees live as long as possible are relying on Tarzan Tree Service, LLC for tree pruning in Norfolk. As one of the top tree services in Chesapeake and the surrounding areas, Tarzan Tree Service, LLC has years of experience and the training necessary to prune trees to the perfect level so that they are still able to live a healthy life but are not able to block excess sunlight.

All plants need sunlight to survive. When a tree grows too large and is able to expand its branches unchecked, it will often take over any yard, blocking the sun from plants in the surrounding area. This can be frustrating for residents who garden, as they are often unable to locate the source of their plants' malnutrition. Even if a homeowner isn't an avid gardener, a tree that has grown too large can become a hazard, as these branches may fall and damage property during a storm or heavy rain.

Tree trimming and pruning don't just improve the life of the tree, but they also help the plants that surround the tree to get the nutrients that they need and protect homeowners from preventable damage.

Residents who are interested in learning how tree pruning can improve the look and safety of their yards are encouraged to contact Tarzan Tree Service, LLC. They can reached by calling 757-204-1390 or visiting online at http://www.tarzantreevb.com.

About Tarzan Tree Service, LLC
Tarzan Tree Service, LLC. is owned and operated by Alex Domino and Rob Lacerda, both military veterans. Since its inception in 2011, the company has served the Hampton Roads area by offering tree trimming, removal and stump grinding to the many wooded properties in the community.