Experts Agree That Garcinia Cambogia Helps People to Lose Weight

More experts such as the preeminent physician Dr Oz and other medical professionals are now recommending the powerful extract Garcinia cambogia to patients wishing to lose weight without significantly altering their diets.


Rakovski, Bulgaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- This amazing extract comes from a fruit indigenous to remote parts of Asia, where it has been well-known for centuries as a vital substance capable of helping to relieve conditions related to elevated blood sugar and diabetes.

What researchers have discovered is that Garcinia cambogia is actually capable of blocking an enzyme responsible for converting dietary sugars into fat. Since the American diet is so high in processed sugars, which nutritionists have often pointed to as the cause of our increasing obesity rates, the extract works amazingly well at blocking much of the sugar consumed and not allowing it to be transformed into body fat.

Furthermore, the extract even goes further by actually curbing the appetite. Sugar consumption initially gives people an energy boost, but then often leads to a crash after an hour or so. As such, eating sugar usually leads to overeating, as people consume more food in order to make up for the lack of energy after the crash has occurred. With Garcinia cambogia, however, one never has the crash. As such, those taking this amazing natural extract remain satisfied after consuming a meal.

The recommended dosage is 1000mg per day, although some experts suggest taking as much as 3,000mg in order to get the full benefit. Unlike other supplements, extracts, and health products of questionable efficacy, Garcinia cambogia has been proven to help people lose weight when taken daily. Best of all, the majority of people taking the extract have reported the loss of body fat without even altering their diet.

Many Americans dream about the possibility of eating whatever they want without worrying about weight gain. For years, we've been told that this is simply not possible. What we're discovering, however, is that an extract from fruit located ten thousand miles across the oceans on the other side of the world can provide just what many of us have wished for all along. With garcinia cambogia, people can finally be free of constantly having to worry about indulging too much. Never again will they have to feel deprived or go hungry in order to maintain a current weight. With this amazing extract, we can eat the foods we want and be free of the guilt.

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