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Experts Announce Results for the Best Electronic Cigarette via Review Website, SmokelessECigaretteReviews.com


Santa Barbara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2011 -- A panel of experts have been polled to name their picks for the best electronic cigarette in a number of different categories along with their reasons why on a new website. The Website also provides real user reviews for the top rated brands on the market.

Electronic cigarettes are still relatively new and their popularity has been growing incredibly fast. As a result, there are a lot of new companies offering products of varying quality and features. As more electronic cigarette companies enter the marketplace, smokers are finding it difficult to determine the best electronic cigarette brand due to the similar language used to describe each one. “We created the website to provide expert opinions and real customer reviews about the best e cigarette brand in terms that smokers could relate to,” said the website’s founder.

The electronic cigarette review website lists the choices by top overall ranking, best customer service, best new technology, most convenient, best look and feel, highest quality standards and best e-liquid. Real user testimonials, detailed reviews, links to the official manufacturer websites, shipping information, money-back guarantees and any current promotional opportunities are included with each category winner. “We encourage readers to leave reviews for their favorite brands so smokers have more information from actual users to help them make an informed choice,” said the website’s founder.

The reasons given by the experts for each category are varied and cover all of the attributes that are important to smokers. Many of the categorical best are based on palatability such as flavor/taste, vapor, smooth draw, flavor amount, fresh flavor and variety of flavors available. Others revolve around value and include coupon codes, sales, discounts, member benefits and low budget.

Others attain their categorical best rating for how the manufacturer treats their customers and their service features such as best customer service and care, product variety and product options, new and improved aspects, longest lasting and made in the USA. Physical attributes are well covered with winning attributes of lightweight and compact, monthly cartridge options, signature look and technology attributes such as smart pack imbedded social features, smooth draw cartridges and quick charging.

The website also provides details about e cigarette scams so that smokers can recognize and avoid them. The best electronic cigarette reviews website rankings are constantly updated to stay current with new product releases, customer service improvements, and coupon code promotions. Website visitors are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter to receive electronic cigarette coupon code and promotion updates, new product release reviews and popular brand e cigarette giveaways.

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