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Experts at Dan the Mover Explain How They Can Help with Long Distance Moving


Hatboro, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2020 -- Making a long-distance move can be both exciting and challenging. Moving to a new city or state can open up new opportunities, but can also be difficult and costly if it isn't done correctly. To help optimize the success of a move, industry experts at Dan the Mover offer quality service and specialty equipment. In order to minimize risk and avoid costly mistakes, it is important to have the right professionals guiding a moving job, especially in long-distance cases.

Dan the Mover offers a wide range of professional-grade moving supplies in Bucks County, PA, designed to assist in the security and organization of clothes, furniture, electronics, and other important items. When items are stored in the appropriately sized box, they are far less likely to be damaged or broken on the drive from house to house. Dan the Mover offers a full range of box sizes to fit any family's needs.

Small 14"x14"x14" boxes are ideal for storing books, toys, and small electronics or kitchen appliances. There are also larger boxes available for the proper storage of winter coats, comforters, and blankets. More secure double-wall boxes are crush-tested for up to 32 pounds and can keep fragile items like ceramics and glassware from being damaged on long drives. For expensive clothes, there are "wardrobe boxes" built with a closet bar so that hanging clothes can be transported easily without being taken down and folded.

Experts at Dan the Mover have been doing commercial and residential moving jobs in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years. They will work with clients to determine the best moving strategy that fits their needs. Please visit https://danthemover.com/ for more information about professional packing services in Bucks County, PA.

About Dan The Mover
For over 20 years, Dan the Mover has helped customers throughout the Greater Philadelphia region successfully relocate. They offer the following services: commercial moving; residential moving; packing; shredding; cleans outs; eco-friendly bin rental; and the sale of boxes and supplies. When people want to free themselves of the stress and frustration often associated with moving, they turn to the experienced professionals at Dan the Mover. With their emphasis on professionalism, customers can trust them to transport their items in a safe and secure manner. As a one-stop moving company, Dan the Mover can help anyone see their way through when relocating to a new home or business.

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