Experts at Kredi Karti Borcu Advice on Managing Credit Card Debt

There are so many wise approaches to reducing your credit card debt. Here are a few from industry experts.


Istanbul, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2012 -- The credit card industry has been blooming for many years now, all over the world, favored by the spending characteristics of people. Although, the process of lending money through a credit card could be great rescuers in certain rare situations of financial scarcity, it is being highly misused without consideration that the money spent is not yours. Credit card companies attract you with rebate offers and reward points but are they really worth it? Credit card debt amongst the many users of this mobile loan vending machine seems to be rising to unreachable heights.

Increasing interest rates on the credit balance and the strict repayment rules imposed by the credit companies makes it practically impossible for the consumer to deal with ongoing credit card debt. Experts at, who deal with credit card installment, have focused on some crucial points that would help you stay in control with your credit card debt.

- Fossilize the card somewhere you would not reach it (except for emergencies). When there is no gun, you are not tempted to murder. Spending lots on your credit card with a high debt is as cruel as a crime committed on to your financial independence.

- Sit down and list all the cards that you own and make a chart of the balances, available credit, interest rates and with a credit calculator you can foresee which card can do you harm in the long run. Take immediate measures to pay off that balance even if it means that you compromise on your leisurely expenditures for a stretch of a few months.

- Small payments every now and then can be paid towards reducing your credit balance instead of spending the liquid cash away. Small regular payments can reduce your credit burden provided you are consistent on negligible use of the credit card and regular payments towards making it zero balance.

- Keep the payments on the lower interest rates card to the minimum required amount and focus making bigger payments on the high interest cards.

- If you find interest rates on your card too grand than you can afford, have a humble request put through to the credit card customer representatives. In 50% of cases, properly framed persuasions can bring down the interest rates considerably.

- Take the advantage of tax-deductible loans with the credit card like home equity loans.

- Transfer of balance from one credit card to another and consolidating two cards into one can also be another good idea to earn positive credit score.

Sure there are many more things that one can do and finally if these things do not work for you, you can file bankruptcy and reset your financial clock for good.

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