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Experts Find Tinting Your Home's Windows Lowers Energy Consumption Considerably


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2014 -- With growing global concerns, people are now encouraged to conserve energy and cut back on the energy consumption to preserve the earth’s resources for future generations. Among the various methods of cutting back on energy usage, household energy conservation experts have suggested that tinting a home's windows lowers energy consumption significantly. Rainbow Tinting & Graphics Austin's Premiere Specialist for Commercial and Residential Solar Window Film, Decorative & Privacy Film, Security Window Film & Custom Vinyl Graphics has also supported this suggestion on their website, they say:

“Home Window Tinting can block up to 78% of heat from entering a home through the windows, which will save on your energy bills year round.”

By blocking heat from the sun up to 78% people will have to spend less energy cooling down the temperature in their house through electrical air conditioning. Air Conditioning units consume high levels of electricity; reports articulate that over 100 million homes use air conditioning to control their home indoor temperature. Rainbow Tinting & Graphics offer Residential Window Tinting which has more benefits than just blocking up heat, their solar film tinted windows also reduce the Sun’s UV rays which can damage furniture in a house, they say:

“Residential Solar Film will protect your furnishings, carpet, and artwork from fading by reducing 99.9% of harmful UV light. We frequently install films on homes and businesses with valuable furniture, rugs and artwork to protect them from the inevitable damage from the sun”

Rainbow Tinting & Graphics also provide privacy film and security window film for residential and commercial customers. Privacy films are a great way of protecting the privacy of a home, by placing a privacy film people can greatly increase comfort and security of their house. Rainbow Tinting & Graphics uses state-of-the-art plotters, which enables them to create custom privacy films that have been cut to virtually any design or pattern. Rainbow Tinting & Graphics security films help protect windows from being smashed in by burglars, vandalism or due other reasons.

By getting an appropriate window treatment suitable to their needs, homeowners can increase the comfort and value of their homes.

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