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Experts Highlight the Remedies in Fighting Cracked Heels


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2016 -- Cracked heels can be quite troublesome, especially for individuals who are fond of walking barefoot or wearing flip-flops during summer. The good news is that there are ways to achieve and maintain smooth, callus-free feet.

Experts highlight the remedies in fighting cracked heels. There are factors that contribute to the formation of calluses, and one is constant exposure to air, which dries out the delicate skin.

When the feet are pounded on the ground while walking or running, it creates pressure. Pressure and friction can trigger the body to protect the skin, and thus, multiple layers of skin are formed. When calluses are not properly addressed, it could crack the skin.

Calluses can crack the skin open, and this exposes the skin to bacteria and infection. It could bleed and produce pain.

One of the best ways to remedy the problem is to simply ensure that the skin on the feet is not dry. While walking in the beach, it is recommended to walk in the wet sand to get rid of dry skin.

There is also a home spa treatment recommended, and this involves soaking the feet with warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes. It is similarly important to scrub the heels and other dry areas with a pumice stone to reduce the callus.

It is important to avoid irritating the cracked areas to avoid complications. Scrubbing the skin gently can get rid of dead skin cells and make the skin smooth.

In dealing with cracked areas, it is important to rinse the feet, pat them dry, and apply a moisturizer such as a foot cream or salve. Sufferers may then use a pair of socks and repeat the process until the callus and cracks are gone.

If a big crack is involved, it is advisable to seek the help of a podiatrist. Doctors have the expertise to safely remove hard, dry skin and to heal fissures. Avid runners should make sure that their feet are healed first before they continue their activities.

Another important step is to wear shoes that have the right size and fit. During summer, it can be helpful to wear footwear that completely covers the feet to keep the skin moist. Moisturizing the body by drinking lots of water can also be helpful.

There is also an electric callus remover believed to safely and efficiently remove calluses and reduce the risk of cracks. This product is designed to buff calluses and make feet smooth and beautiful. One of the most reputable electric callus removers is from Naressa, which is available at (

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