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Experts Highlight the Warning Signs for Cracked Heels and when to See a Podiatrist


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2016 -- Calluses usually form in the areas of the foot that are constantly exposed to friction and pressure. While calluses typically offer protection on the skin, they start to become troublesome when they harden and crack.

Experts highlight the warning signs for cracked heels and when to see a podiatrist. Having hardened, cracked calluses are not just unsightly, but also painful. It could also make one susceptible to infections, especially when the crack starts to open the skin and bleed.

The heels and edges of the toes are usually most susceptible to cracking. When the hardened skin splits open, it could be painful and make walking difficult. Cracks normally happen on very dry skin where there are hardened calluses.

Having callused heels can make one susceptible to cracks. There are factors that contribute to the formation of hardened calluses such as wearing ill-fitted shoes, being obese, and long periods of standing. There are also medical conditions that trigger such a skin formation such as thyroid problems, diabetes, and psoriasis.

It is essential to see a podiatrist when the hardened skin layers start to crack to reduce the risk of infections. There are also remedies that can help sufferers buff calluses and eliminate the risk of cracked heels.

Individuals who belong to the elderly population and who suffer from severe cracks should see a podiatrist immediately to avoid the formation of ulcers or bedsores. Those who suffer from diabetes or have autoimmune disorders should also see a podiatrist.

Before going to bed, it is essential to use a foot cream or moisturizer o the foot. Sufferers should see to it that they put more attention to the edges of their toes and heels. After applying a moisturizer, they may then use a pair of cotton socks to prevent the moisturizer from spreading through the bedsheet.

While taking a shower or bath, it is advisable to remove dead skin cells using a pumice stone. There are many remedies believed to be safe and effective in buffing calluses, and one is through the use of an electric callus remover.

An electric callus remover is specifically designed to buff callus easily and safely. It saves people from using metal blades and other measures that could exposed them to the risk of cuts and wounds. Many people are resorting to the use of an electric callus remover to have a relaxing foot pampering experience at home.

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