Experts Identify Natural Alternatives for Arthritis Sufferers


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- The pain is constant and gets worse over time. This is the growing concern of many arthritis sufferers worldwide. Many of these patients take NSAIDs to alleviate pain and be able to perform their daily routines. However, experts warn there are many problems with relying on these drugs.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported that there are prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are associated with thousands of deaths and hospitalizations every year in the United States. The report found that NSAIDs can be very effective, but are not safe for long term use. There have been cases of liver failure, stomach bleeding, and acute toxicity associated with the use of these anti-inflammatory drugs.

What's more alarming is that clinical trials have shown the drugs can accelerate articular cartilage damage. It covers the pain, but it also deteriorates the joint. This is one of the reasons why NSAIDs are no longer effective for many sufferers who have been using the drug for an extended period.

Due to the increasing number of studies that showed NSAIDs are detrimental to health, experts suggest that sufferers take time in choosing the right drug or better yet, choose a much safer pain relief option.

Some health experts suggest that joint pain sufferers try using glucosamine supplements, a popular choice among arthritis patients. Glucosamine supplements are believed to be safer than NSAIDs. This claim has been supported by several scientific studies and clinical trials.

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