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Experts Reveal Some Common but Not-So-Known Symptoms of Vasculitis


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2016 -- Vasculitis is characterized by an inflammation in the blood vessels. When it develops it alters the walls of the blood vessels. Some of these changes include narrowing, weakening, thickening, and scarring. There are many individuals who suffer from this condition but may not be aware of it.

Some experts have revealed the common but not-so-known symptoms of vasculitis. When such changes take place, it can restrict blood flow, and this can lead to tissue and organ damage. This condition is likely to affect just one organ, such as the skin. There are individuals who suffer from short term or acute vasculitis and there are also those with chronic or long-lasting vasculitis. It can impact anyone but is more prevalent in certain groups of people.

The condition of sufferers may improve even without treatment, but it actually depends on the type of vasculitis they are suffering from, as there are many varities. There are also types of vasculitis that require medications to fight inflammation and flare-ups.

Inflammation, which causes pain and swelling, is the main symptom of the condition. Inflammation can also be internal and sufferers won't even be able to notice or see it. The symptoms may also vary considering that different types of vasculitis effect various blood vessels.

There are a variety of symptoms such as sweating, fever, fatigue, and weight loss. These are the first symptoms that many sufferers may actually feel however there are there symptoms which vary according to the part of the body that is affected.

There are individuals who suffer from skin rash, which can burst and leave open sores. When it just impacts the skin, there aren't usually serious long-term effects. Once the inflammation subsides, the symptoms also clear up.

Nosebleeds are also one of the symptoms. Vasculitis can even affect other body parts such as the fingers, toes, eyes, nerves, joints, lungs, muscles, kidneys, and brain. There are also those who suffer from rheumatoid vasculitis, which is a complication of severe, longstanding rheumatoid arthritis. It is believed that 1% of RA sufferers also have active vasculitis. While RA sufferers are thought to be more prone to vasculitis, there are other risk factors such as gender, age, and ethnic background.

Inflammation and pain can reduce one's quality of life, and this is especially true to individuals with rheumatoid arthritis or vasculitis. The good news is that there are alternatives such as glucosamine supplements, which are thought to help reduce arthritis pain.


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