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Experts Reveal the Factors That Contribute to the Development of Severely Cracked Heels


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2016 -- Calluses are generally thought to be harmless, unless they harden and cause pain. This skin formation usually affects the feet, which is almost always exposed to friction and pressure. It is imperative to determine what exactly causes this formation to prevent it.

Experts reveal the factors that contribute to the development of severely cracked heels. This common foot problem usually results from having a dry, callused skin. It is otherwise known as fissures and it can vary from mild to severe.

When calluses start to harden and crack, it causes pain and bleeding. Some of the symptoms of cracked heels are yellowing, dark skin on the heel. The callused skin can also come with flaky patches, which can peel sometimes.

One of the common reasons why calluses develop is prolonged standing on hard floors. This causes pressure ad friction, especially when one is not wearing footwear with the right fit and cushioning. Calluses may also develop due to constant use of open-heeled shoes.

According to, open-heeled shoes can cause expansion in the heel of the foot. Pressure causes calluses, which if not properly addressed, could lead to cracking. It is imperative to wear proper fit footwear, which is one that provides extra room for the feet to breathe.

Obese individuals are also thought to be more prone to calluses and cracked heels. Extra weight can put excessive pressure on the feet. The normal pad under the heel could expand sideways due to extra weight, and if the skin is not flexible, it could eventually lead to cracking.

Overweight or obese individuals should ensure that they use heel pads to stop the heels from expanding sideways.

There are also medical conditions that make one more susceptible to calluses, and one is diabetes. Individuals who suffer from underactive thyroid are also prone to having inactive sweat glands, which leads to dry skin.

Calluses are also more prevalent among individuals with problematic heels, such as those with athlete's foot, flat feet, and heel spurs. Other conditions include eczema and psoriasis, which can cause cracked heels.

The good news is that there are certain remedies believed to be extremely helpful in preventing callus formation and cracked heels. One is to use a moisturizer, which is highly advisable to individuals with dry, dehydrated skin.

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