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Experts Reveal the Steps to Avoid Severely Cracked Heels This Summer


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2016 -- Summer is a season for fun and relaxation. The summer heat gives people the opportunity to wear tropical-inspired attires and skin-revealing footwear. Unfortunately for some people, wearing sandals is not quite a great option due to cracked heels.

Experts reveal the steps to avoid severely cracked heels this summer. Cracked heels start from the development of a callus, which is a thickened skin layer of the skin. Calluses often develop due to friction and pressure the skin is constantly exposed to.

Calluses are generally considered to be harmless. However, when they start to harden and thicken, they cause pain and crack. Cracked heels expose the skin to bacteria, which then increases the risk of infection.

There are mild cracked heels and there are also severe ones. When it becomes severe, it doesn't just cause pain but also bleeding. Individuals who suffer from cracked heels usually have yellow dark skin on the heel.

Cracked heels are at times accompanied with flaky patches that peel. It is imperative to avoid standing for prolonged periods on hard floors as this causes friction. This is especially true to individuals who do not wear the right size and fit of shoes. reveals that the heel of the foot can expand due to the use of open-heeled shoes. If calluses are not properly addressed, it could result in cracking. It is essential to wear footwear that has extra room for the skin to breathe and move around a bit.

Extra weight can also increase one's risk of callus and cracked heels. This is due to the fact that excess pounds usually place pressure on the feet. The heel is equipped with a normal pad that expands sideways due to the force caused by extra weight.

Overweight or obese individuals who have calluses, which make the skin inflexible, are more likely to suffer from cracked heels. They are advised to wear heel pads to prevent the heels from moving or expanding sideways.

Aside from the use of ill-fitting footwear and weight problems, calluses may also develop due to underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and underactive thyroid. Underactive thyroid sufferers often have inactive sweat glands, which triggers dryness in the skin.

Cracked heels can be prevented by removing calluses. There are many methods available to remove calluses, and one is to use an electric callus remover. Electric callus removers are designed to be safe and effective to use.

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