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Experts Reveal the Tricks in Detecting Credit Card Skimmers


Manchester, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2016 -- Almost always, individuals who are victimized by credit card related crimes are left blindsided by thieves. There are card skimming devices that steal information even without the knowledge of card holders.

Experts reveal the tricks in detecting credit card skimmers. In most cases, victims get the surprise of their lives when they find their accounts have been bombarded with fraudulent charges and cash withdrawals. What surprises them even more is that their credit and debit cards never even left their possession.

Thieves use card skimming devices to steal credit card information. They install these devices on ATM machines and get them once information has been collected. There are also waiters and employees of establishments that victimize card holders.

The stolen information is often sold in the market or used to make fraudulent charges. It is also used to make fake credit cards, which are also used for fraudulent purposes. Victims are often not aware about the crime until they see their billing statements.

There are ways to fight these fraudsters, and one is for card holders to watch their accounts frequently. They need to monitor their credit card and checking accounts on a daily basis. If there are suspicious activities, they should report it immediately.

It is similarly important to avoid places that are typical targets of thieves. These are bars, restaurants, and gas stations where there is a high prevalence of credit card skimming incidents. Consumers should also study the appearance of a credit card skimming device.

They can search online and see what these devices look like They may also learn how these devices work and how they are hidden.

Before using an ATM machine, they should check if there are devices attached to it. There are even thieves that attach fake keypads to record the keystrokes of card holders. When typing the PIN, it is important to cover the hand as there are thieves who install cameras to record a view of what consumers are typing.

There are also indications of fraud and one is if the keys become too hard to push. When this happens, consumers are advice to eject their card and use another ATM. It is also important to be aware of credit card cleaning scams, which works by wiping out the magnetic strip of the card.

Credit and debit card holders may also use the set of RFID blocking sleeves. These sleeves hinder thieves from reading and stealing personal and financial information through their card skimming device. These helpful sleeves can be purchased at (

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