Experts Suggest the Mind Can Reduce the Likelihood of Knee Injury


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- There are certain groups of people who are prone to a common knee injury, such as athletes and the aging population. Since an injury can take time to heal, and it causes an impediment to daily routines, people need to find some ways to keep themselves from becoming injured.

Experts suggest that the mind can reduce the likelihood of knee injuries, and this is a finding from a study conducted in 2009. According to researchers, people can take advantage of their brain's ability to control certain body movements and prevent an injury.

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise published a study that was conducted by the University of Michigan researchers. The participants performed squats with the use of one leg until that particular leg was tired and shaky. The researchers tried to wear down the leg muscles mainly due to the fact that people such as athletes often encounter an injury when they are tired and wobbly.

During the study, the response of the participants to a variety of movement commands, such as jumping, was also assessed. The researchers found that both legs, including the one that was not subjected to fatigue, experience a reduced response that can potentially lead to ACL or anterior cruciate ligament injury.

The knee joint is supported by four major ligaments, and one is the ACL. The bad news is that there is a prevalence of ACL injuries, which can eventually result in an increased risk of knee osteoarthritis.

The University of Michigan School of Kinesiology's assistant professor and lead researcher, Scott McLean, PhD, believes that the brain plays a major role in the movements or activities of both legs. In the study, it was very clear that only the other leg was subjected to fatigue. However, it resulted in both legs being weary, and this could possibly mean that it was the brain that was getting tired all along.

According to McLean, there is also a chance that the brain got too tired to transmit the right message to the point of telling the relaxed leg that it is tired. Studies are still underway to determine the right prevention techniques for strengthening the muscles to support the knee joint.

There are several ways to reduce one's risk of knee injury. In addition to being careful while making certain movements, people can also strengthen their knee or joint health. Natural alternatives such as glucosamine supplements are considered to be helpful for repairing cartilage damage and improving joint health (

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