Experts Talk on How to Help a Hoarder

Rubbish removal experts give advice on helping hoarders cope.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2016 -- Encouraging a hoarder to get help can be extremely challenging. "We get phone calls about it all the time," says Hoarders 911 CEO Nicole Levine. "Most of the time, hoarders call us because they are facing eviction and need to clean up fast or they will lose their home."

Hoarders suffer from complex psychological issues, they have compulsive collecting habits and difficulty in disposing, which is known as Disposaphobia, or fear of disposing.

Hoarders911 pioneered a 7 step hoarding solution, which includes: clutter removal, rubbish removal, initial home organization, extermination, paint, restoration, construction, and heavy duty cleaning.

There are various types of hoarders and hoarding conditions, so to help a hoarder, you must first identify the type of hoarder. Information hoarders have trouble letting go of documents with their information on it in fear that someone will get their information; so for this type of hoarder Nicole brings a paper shredder.

Creating a practical strategy is another essential component to helping a hoarder in recovery. The rubbish removal staff at Hoarders911 always comes up with a plan before beginning, this way they can work most efficiently and keep track of their progress. They come up with personalized plans for each of their clients, depending on their needs.

About Hoarders 911
Hoarders 911 are experts in hoarder cleanup and recovery. They have been helping hoarders and their families for over two decades with their compassionate approach and innovative solutions, and encourage anyone looking for assistance to contact them for consultation.

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