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Experts Warn Consumers to Never Let Their Credit Cards Go Shopping Without Them


Manchester, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2016 -- Nowadays, credit card thieves can steal from consumers anytime and anywhere without the victims knowing it. The good news is that there are measures people can resort to in improving their protection against these crooks.

Experts warn customers to never let their credit cards go shopping without them. There is a number of nefarious ways criminals use to steal your banking and credit card information without even touching your wallet or card.

Skimming was identified as one of the "2010's Top Fraud trends." Thieves use a variety of ways to skim such as such as the use of universal key. They use this to open gas pumps and install a device that reads card numbers.

Crooks also use a pinhole camera to record pin numbers. They use the stolen information to create new fake credit cards.

Skim artists are typically not caught because they are employees by establishments. There are also crooks that are just adept in doing what they do. Experts recommend that consumers should avoid using single-standing POS terminals in deserted areas as they are more likely to be targets of skimmers.

Credit and debit cards contain radio frequency identification (RFID) chips. This microchip is a radio transmitter, which has been around since WWII. RFID chips can be found everywhere from shoes for inventory management to humans for healthcare and security reasons.

RFID chips on cards are designed to protect information. However, unfortunately, there are commercially available or homemade scanners that can easily read and steal the cardholder's name and number. There are several ways to fight thieves that use skimming devices.

Wrapping the credit card with aluminum is one of the popular ways to block skimmers. However, for consumers who don't want to be the person with a tin foil wallet, they may resort to the use of RFID blocking sleeves.

These sleeves are designed to block RFID transmissions, and thus, thieves are unable to obtain information from the cards.

Those who don't want to use these RFID blocking sleeves may leave their credit cards at home and just bring cash when transacting financially in public. Many people find these sleeves extremely helpful as they are easy to use and not at all troublesome.

The set of RFID blocking sleeves can be purchased at It can protect not just credit and debit cards but also passports. They are thought to be extremely useful in traveling, dining out, and just being in a public, crowded place.


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