EXPLORE the EXTRAORDINARY and Learn About Love, Light and Healing Energy: Affirming Near-Death Experiences

EXPLORE THE EXTRAORDINARY conference featuring New York Times bestselling authors Eben Alexander, MD and Larry Dossey, MD at the Westin Westminster, Colorado August 3-6, 2017.


Durham, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2017 -- The public is invited to EXPLORE THE EXTRAORDINARY and learn about Love, Light and Healing Energy: Affirming Near-Death Experiences. Featured speakers include NY Times bestselling authors and physicians, Eben Alexander and Larry Dossey, as well as many others who have had extraordinary experiences. The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) will host this conference in Westminster, CO, August 3-6, at the Westin hotel. Register to attend at http://conference.iands.org.

Eben Alexander had a full time job as a neurosurgeon when a deadly virus changed his life was forever. His bestselling book, Proof of Heaven chronicles an amazing story of being a renowned neurosurgeon who almost lost his life to a mystifying brain infection, and how he experienced the hyper-reality of a spiritual realm while in coma. He now asserts that the brain does not create consciousness and that consciousness survives bodily death.


Larry Dossey, MD is the author of nine books, is a physician and traveling lecturer. Dr. Dossey is an advocate of the role of the mind in health and the role of spirituality in healthcare. His ever-deepening understanding of the mind provides a legitimate foundation for the merging of spirit and medicine. His insights are radical and call for no less than the reinvention of medicine. In 2013, Larry Dossey received the prestigious Visionary Award, honoring his farsighted ideas that have shaped integrative healthcare and the medical profession.

At this conference, he'll share his insights from his book One Mind, http://www.dosseydossey.com.

IANDS President, Bob Frank invites you to meet these authors and others who have had near-death experiences and have much to share about Love, Light and Healing Energy. Personal accounts and research help affirm the reality of Near-Death Experiences. "Whether you've had an NDE or not, there is much to gain from powerful stories and insights of those who have experienced the extraordinary and returned to tell the world. IANDS invites everyone to come learn lessons about living at a whole new level."

Bob further explains, "Those who have had NDE's or similar transformative experiences often find a greater sense of well-being and purpose in life. Yet integrating the experience can be filled with challenges. The growing study of near-death experiences is helping humanity gain greater insight into living life fearlessly. You are warmly invited to come to this exciting conference and explore the extraordinary."

IANDS will have 2 sessions at this conference. There is a session on Healthcare-Education-Research-Science (HERS), all day Thursday, for professionals and others interested in this aspect of near-death studies, followed by a General Session, running Friday through Sunday. Early Bird Registration started March 20th, 2017.

Conference details:

- Thursday, August 3: Healthcare-Education-Research-Science (HERS) Session
- Friday–Sunday, August 4-6: General Session: Presentations, Workshops, Healing Sessions

For more information about this conference, the speakers, and IANDS, please go to: conference.iands.org or www.iands.org

IANDS is the informational and networking center in the field of near-death studies, the first organization in the world devoted to exploring near-death and similar experiences. Members are researchers, laypeople, academics, and caregivers; experiencers and non-experiencers; professionals and the general public; from every continent but the Antarctic.

Like IANDS itself, the Association's publications and programs are unique. The quarterly newsletter, Vital Signs, and the scholarly, peer-reviewed Journal of Near-Death Studies provide information and intelligent discussion generally not available anywhere else.

Around the US and Canada, 50 or so support groups meet regularly, with more in Europe, Australia, and Asia. For its periodic conferences in North America, IANDS pulls in top speakers, experiencers, researchers, and interested people for education, sharing, networking, and friendship.