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ExploreGate Look to Create an Online Academy for Applied Technologies


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- “Applied Sciences” was shorthand for Batman in the recent Christopher Nolan adaptations, but applied technology has many diverse real-world uses that are both practical and inspiring for business owners, entrepreneurs and academics alike. ExploreGate is a new website featuring a vast array of video tutorials designed to spread knowledge on the effective use of applied technologies in different industry spheres, democratizing expertise in a new way.

The site hopes to continue to diversify and amplify the work begun by sites like Wikipedia and the Khan Academy by hosting specialized content. The site allows users to register for an account in which they can specify their interests, whereupon new uploads that are relevant to these areas will appear in the “for you” section of the user account. In this way, users can be updated about videos with maximum relevance to what they’re looking for.

The site also allows users to apply to be a lecturer in their own field of expertise: lecturers have so far provided content on Microstrip Antennas, Data Transmission, Reliability Data Analysis, Solar Junction Cells, ISIM, Technical Architecture and Monitoring Deflection in SMA. These lectures are developed in plain English and are designed as a variation of the TED Talk, placing the premium not on the general idea but on the specific practice, while retaining that level of accessibility.

The site currently hosts open applications for lecturers, representatives and affiliates, with a priority on nurturing mutual partnerships with its content rich destination feeding traffic to content creators and vice versa.

A spokesperson for the site explained, "At ExploreGate we believe in sharing knowledge. It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you share it with. We are here to bridge the knowledge gap and cater to the needs of the global community of technology professionals. ExploreGate is a meeting place for any technology knowledge owner and any knowledge consumer harnessing the most effective visual tools to facilitate the sharing of credible knowledge while generating benefits for both parties."

About ExploreGate
ExploreGate is a meeting place for the global community of technology professionals where knowledge owners share their expertise with knowledge consumers that are seeking to increase their understanding of applied technology. Whether users are exploring a technology subject, just looking to refresh their memory on a specific term, or would like to participate as a lecturer – ExploreGate is the right place. For more information please visit: