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Explorite the Safest College Marketplace for College Students Better Than Craigslist


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Explorite is the safest college marketplace for students on the internet. Explorite is a place where students can buy and sell goods and services as well as finding roommates, housing, employment and internships as well. The safety and security of the Explorite website helps make it the best place for college students to find what they need without worrying about whether the transaction will go through.

Explorite is a college marketplace that is designed to connect college students on different campuses with each other. In the days before the internet, students would often post books or specific items that they had for sale or trade. However, such posts were limited to the campus itself. Explorite expands the number of campuses that can participate so that students have a broader audience to find what they need and sell or trade what they have. Students can write descriptions and post pictures of the items they have for sale or trade. In addition to college materials such as books, Explorite also allows items of many different types to be offered on the website such as furnishings, clothing and even cars.

Explorite is safer than many other internet sale sites such as Craigslist because the purpose is to bring students together who can then conduct the transaction. This means that nothing is purchased or sold until the transaction is made. Students use Explorite to search and find what they need, negotiate a fair price and then meet in person to conduct the sale. This protects students who otherwise would be at the mercy of the website itself. Plus, Explorite is verified by the .edu account which means that the identity of those who participate is verifiable. By emphasizing security, Explorite has established itself as one of the safest places online for college students to buy, sell and trade items.

In addition to allowing students to purchase, sell or trade items such as books, furniture, clothing, cars or anything a student might need, Explorite also posts room and housing vacancies, roommates needed, carpooling opportunities or many things that apply to the needs of college students. Explorite is a true college marketplace where students can find what they want often for only a fraction of what many of these items cost as new. Plus, by allowing the final transaction to take place in person, Explorite provides an extra layer of security for students.

About Explorite
Founded by Adi Pellumbi, a computer science student, Explorite was created to help college students save money in by finding older books and items useful for college. In addition, students can sell or trade some of the items they may have around their dorm room or house. Currently, Explorite serves the campuses of Boston University, Northeastern University, Salem State University and Wentworth School of Technology. There are currently plans to expand this service to other college and university campuses. Explorite is free for all students and provides a safe college marketplace to buy, sell and trade items with other college students.

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