Exposed: The Real Reason Why Pre Workout Supplements Contain Caffeine reveals why so many pre-workout supplements contain caffeine, is that a bad or good thing?


Windermere, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- For the past several years athletes and bodybuilders have wondered why all these pre workout supplements contain caffeine, many people have even questioned if they are better off drinking coffee. Well true, you could drink coffee but then you would lack the other benefits that pre workout supplements provide. But first let us give you the reason why supplement companies put caffeine in some of their products.

First Reason: studies have shown that it can increase activity performance, which is the main reason why we all want the best pre workout supplement to give us that focus. Caffeine is considered an ergogenic stimulant which basically means it will allow you to train longer and harder with high intensity exercises.

Second Reason: is that caffeine decreases any muscle pain you may feel during your workout but you must consume it prior to beginning your exercise or lifting routine. This obviously allows you to lift a little heavier or at least push yourself harder than you normally would. You can also attempt to lift at a higher rep range if that was your goal; it basically gives your muscles a little kick of stamina.

Third and Final Reason: this is probably the most beneficial, is the fact that caffeine can increase the rate of your fat loss. Yes, it really can and isn’t that what we all want? Now, if you decide to drink coffee instead, just be sure that you do not add any sugar or any other source to sweeten it because then it won’t allow you to use or burn your fat cells as energy. You must drink it black and if you do not drink black coffee then that is another reason why a pre workout supplement would best fit you. The reason why you don’t want to add anything to your coffee is because then your body will use that substance to fuel your workouts and not your fat. It’s a perfect example of whether you want to burn fat or burn glycogen.

Yes, caffeine is one of the main sources of ingredients when it comes to pre workout shakes or supplements because companies know that you will benefit from it. Other ingredients within supplements such as amino acids and creatine monohydrate also help give you the building blocks to build muscle and give you that explosive energy between reps. All supplements have their proprietary blends and can sometimes be questionable on which is the best pre workout supplement. If you would like to know what we believe is the best and also get it at a very discounted price then visit our website at

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