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EXPOSED: Why Potato Express Reviews Can't Be Trusted

Seven-year Los Angeles Times reporter reveals the one stupid reason why most Potato Express reviews are not fair and the one thing every consumer must know before buying Potato Express.


Woodland Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- It's true. One of the most aired As Seen on TV products of the year, Potato Express is getting unfair product reviews for one stupid reason.

"The product works great," says Jaclyn Easton, former Los Angeles Times Reporter and Emmy winning journalist for CBS news. "It really does cook perfect oven baked potatoes."

According to Easton in her column about Potato Express at, most consumers love this product, but a handful do not for only one stupid reason: they ignore the included one-page instructions, look at the photo on the package and use their Potato Express incorrectly.

Easton explains. "The picture on the box shows the Potato Express placed flap side up in the microwave as a way of illustrating the product. However, the directions specifically state to place the Potato Express flap side DOWN in the microwave.

"Using the Potato Express with the flap side down is the difference between good reviews and bad Potato Express reviews", says Easton. The microwave potato pouch instructions clearly state flap side down, but most folks don't look at the sheet of paper included with every product sold.

The former Los Angeles Times reporter adds "placing the bag in the microwave flap side down is so important they should consider putting a sticker on the actual bag. This will insure that Potato Express reviews are fair."

The best deal on Potato Express is from the official Potato Express website. The official offer includes two Potato Express bags, two recipe books and one free super slicer. All this at about the same price as retailers. The problem with buying from retailers is that you only get the microwave pouch and none of the free bonuses.

Click here for the official website

You can get the Potato Express on for a couple dollars less but you only get the Potato Express bag which means consumers give up the free gifts. They don't get the free recipe guides, they don't get the extra Potato Express pouch. They even forfeit the free super slicer."

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