Exposure on Kazooga Reduces the Amount of Time Required to Sell a Business in Canada


Barrie, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2012 -- The average business takes six to nine months to sell. Some businesses will take longer to sell while others will sell almost immediately. Many factors play a role in this, but the key to a successful sale is finding a buyer that is looking for exactly what the business has to offer at any given time. The price and terms must also be within the range of the buyer. The more facts potential buyers have, the more likely a business is to sell, according to Warren Houston of Kazooga.

"A buyer doesn't want to spend a great deal of time researching businesses that don't meet his or her needs or fit into their budget. When looking at a Kazooga business for sale, the potential buyer can quickly determine whether or not a particular business falls into these parameters. This benefits the seller as well as the buyer," Mr. Houston explains. "Sellers don't spend a great deal of time interacting with those who will ultimately have no desire to purchase their business."

Whether one has a Canadian franchise for sale or some other type of business, the broker works to increase exposure to the business. This exposure is geared to those who are most likely to be interested in the type of business being offered. "To increase awareness of the business for sale in Canada, a variety of methods will be used. Listings will be indexed and searchable on Yahoo and Google. Social networks won't be overlooked either," Mr. Houston continues. "As soon as a business is listed, the listing is sent to prospective buyers matching the seller's criteria."

Mr. Houston explains the 'Buyers Business Wanted Board' available at Kazooga. "Our site offers a board so sellers can search for their own buyers also. This board gives sellers immediate access to buyers who are looking to purchase their particular type of business." If a seller needs assistance in valuing a business, a broker referral option is offered and live traffic reports are provided so sellers can track their ad.

"Exposure is key to a successful sale," Mr. Houston reiterates. "With the help of Kazooga, sellers reach a targeted audience, one actively looking to purchase a business. Thousands of buyers may be reached using this method, allowing business owners to sell in less time. With many tools and resources available at the site, selling a business in Canada has never been easier."

About Kazooga
Founded by Warren Houston, Kazooga is the largest business-for-sale network in Canada. The site is designed to assist Canadian business owners and brokers wishing to expose their business to entrepreneurs looking to purchase. This network lists established businesses, asset sales, business real estate, franchise opportunities and more. Kazooga is the number one choice for advertising businesses available for purchase. It does so by offering innovative, competitively-priced offerings.

Kazooga is dedicated to delivering the highest quality customer service by always listening to customers and appreciating them. Buyer and seller resources include business valuations, business loans, listing tools, listing categories and more. For brokers with multiple businesses to sell, a membership subscription is offered. Franchisers have access to a franchise directory where franchise opportunities may be offered also.