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Exposure to Cold Can Lead to More Weight Loss


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- While many dread this time of year due to the colder temperatures, a recent research has suggested that mild, regular exposure to colder temperatures could assist in helping someone lose weight or maintain weight they have lost. This means that getting outdoors to engage in any form of activity could be beneficial to our health, despite the colder temperatures.

“Since most of us are exposed to indoor conditions 90 percent of the time, it is worth exploring health aspects of ambient temperatures,” said one of the researchers from the Maastricht University medical Center in The Netherlands. He was speaking to results from a study that followed participants who spent two hours per day in lower temperatures to those who stayed indoors all the time. Ofer the course of six weeks, there was a decrease in body fat among those who spent time outside, while those who remained indoors showed no change.

Perhaps in addition to regular exercise training, we as a society need to train ourselves to spend time in temperatures outside our comfort zones. This means getting outside for a few minutes per day even in colder temperatures to give our bodies time to breathe in the fresh air and oxygen, which has also been shown to assist in weight loss goals.

There are plenty of outdoor exercises that we can safely engage in during the winter months. Outdoor walks on cleared roads or safe passages, even jogging and cycling is still possible with the right precautions. In the coldest temperatures or during winter storms these activities must be avoided, but if the sun is out and temperature is reasonable there’s no reason one can’t engage in normal outdoor activities.

Proper clothing for outdoor exercise is essential, but this is an investment that ensures one can stay active throughout any season all year long and reap the benefits of continuous exercise – despite a decrease in temperature.

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