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Express Employment Professionals Defines Human Resource Transformation the Innovative Approach Towards Better HR Staffing and Management

How do we address the ever-changing demands of businesses? How can companies and organizations resolve the inevitable human resource problems especially in slow economies?


Lombard, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Human resources is now one of the most incalculable assets in a knowledge-based economy where talent is at a premium. No one can argue with that.

The large scale reform in the field of human resources sets the panorama for a novel corporate age where the HR departments in companies play a progressively strategic function in sustaining key business goals. Such is called human resources transformation. The people in the human resources department which were ones considered as mere administrators are now involved in high-level strategic discussions. The rising appreciation of the worth of a company’s human skills and a must to guarantee that the talents being hired are not just hired by the company to work, but rather be motivated to work and be productive enough given ample motivation.

Difference of Transformational Human Resources and Transactional Human Resources

Transactional HR merely involves administrative tasks with the goal of allowing companies to focus on meeting business aims. Transformational HR, on the other hand, aims to make the most of the company’s talents. Successful companies who have gained sustainable competitive advantage through their workforce investments can attest to how transformational HR brings them innumerable benefits.

In a book written by Dave Ulrich, a professor of business at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan entitled “Human Resource Champions”, human resource functions are divided into three: 1. Shared Services Centres groups that deliver the conventional HF functions, 2. Centres of Expertise which accommodates the designers of remuneration packages that make certain an organization can attract the people that the organization needs, and 3. Business Partners or the HR stakeholders whose main function is to do high falutin’ strategic concepts.

The role of HR transformation has been established as an important driver in meeting business goals. The question now is how do we address the ever-changing demands of businesses? How can companies and organizations resolve the inevitable human resource problems especially in slow economies?

Closely aligning the goals of the company to the structure of job roles is a key to meet the objectives of the company. And when it comes to defining the business objectives of the company, competency frameworks of the staff must also be part of the objectives. This can be done via streamlining the processes on how to measure individual staff and group KPIs. Company branding and identity are very important to staff retention and management. The identity of a company must be visible in the culture and values of the people within the team. An appraisal system that defines the performance of each team member where their training needs are being identified also plays a key role.

Indeed, the human resource department plays a critical part in every organization. A Bolingbrook staffing agency like Express Employment Agency assists in human resource staffing and strategic HR planning. Re-thinking the ways on how transformational HR plays part in meeting business goals is a must nowadays. Be prepared in taking the innovative approach towards better HR staffing and management.

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