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Extended Car Warranties Are Explained In-Depth at Educational Website ExtendedCarWarrantys.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2012 -- As anyone who owns a vehicle knows quite well, repairs can be extremely expensive.

From a new air conditioning system and anti-lock brakes to transmission and engine overhauls, the amounts that most dealerships and shops charge is enough to break most drivers’ already-strained budgets.

In order to prevent having to pay for most major repairs, many people contemplate purchasing extended car warranties. While most customers get a basic warranty when they first buy their car, this warranty doesn’t tend to last very long and in many cases it is never even used. But as the car gets older and racks up more miles, chances are good that it will be due for some pretty major repairs. This is where an aftermarket warranty can help.

While this may sound like a simple solution, in reality it can be very confusing. There are currently dozens of companies offering numerous vehicle protection plans. Deciding which one might be best can be a time-consuming and often overwhelming experience for many people.

The staff at ExtendedCarWarrantys.com understands how most drivers feel when they start to research aftermarket car warranties. That is why they strive to help each and every visitor to the website understand the pros and cons of extended warranties for their vehicles.

The website has been getting a lot of attention lately for its in-depth auto warranty reviews as well as its wide variety of educational articles filled with information, tips and advice about anything and everything related to extended warranties, including how they work. Interested people can also arrange for a free quote by entering in some basic information about their vehicle.

Using ExtendedCarWarrantys is easy; people are welcome to visit at anytime and browse through the car warranty reviews and other helpful articles. A handy list of category tabs at the top of the home page makes it easy to find specific information quickly.

For example, selecting “Benefits” will bring readers to a comprehensive article that explains why purchasing an extended warranty can be a good idea. In addition to often including free lock out assistance, car rentals while their vehicle is being serviced and interest-free payments, the aftermarket warranty usually also allows drivers to bring their vehicle wherever they want for service and repair.

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ExtendedCarWarrantys.com is an educational website that helps inform consumers about the pros and cons of aftermarket car warranties and what they should know before they buy a vehicle protection plan. Our site has existed for 3 years now and we seek to provide value and clarity in the confusing world of auto warranties. The website is easy to use and features in-depth articles and reviews filled with tips and advice. For more information, please visit http://extendedcarwarrantys.com