ExtraColorful.com Creates Toilet Paper in Unusually Vibrant Colors


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- Everyone has to buy toilet paper. It’s one of life’s little essential products that no one can cope without. It’s usually regarded as something that is functional instead of decorative, but a trend is emerging where people are leaning towards toilet paper in fun and funky colors, either to match the décor of their home or as an unexpected splash of color in an otherwise mundane place.

One company that is making waves in this industry is ExtraColorful.com, a company specializing in vibrantly colored toilet paper. The toilet paper that ExtraColorful create comes in an exceptionally large and unusual range of bright colors, which is getting them a lot of attention around the web.

Their website showcases their vast range of colors, which ranges from an intense vibrant green, to a deep blue azure, to a warm and sunny yellow. There is even black toilet paper, which is an incredibly unusual and hard to find item.

Their colorful range isn’t limited to just toilet paper, they also produce and sell high quality, absorbent kitchen paper in the same bright colors.

The ExtraColorful.com website has full details of all the products, with high-resolution pictures that fully convey the vibrancy of the papers.

There is even an option on the site to order custom toilet paper. ExtraColorful will print a custom design onto white paper in a wide choice of inks, according to customer specification. Customers can upload files in various graphics formats to be printed onto the paper. This feature can be used to produce a comedic gift, or any creative application imaginable.

A spokesman for the website said:

“Most people generally have white toilet paper, or occasionally there will be a subdued pastel color. Here at ExtraColorful.com we completely defy the toilet paper status quo by creating vibrant toilet paper in incredibly bright colors. The toilet paper we produce isn’t just bright and eye catching; it’s also incredibly high quality. Unlike competing companies, our paper isn’t a novelty item. It’s high enough quality, and comfortable enough, for every day use. We’ve even had it tested, both dermatological and gynecologic ally. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic, soft and doesn’t bleed any color when wet. That makes our toilet paper completely suitable if you are looking to color co-ordinate with unique interior design, or just provide an unusual point of interest when people enter your bathroom. Black toilet paper received a recent boost in sales after it emerged that Simon Cowell used black toilet paper throughout his properties.”

About ExtraColorful.com
ExtraColorful.com is a website specializing in the sale of toilet paper and kitchen paper in unusual and difficult to find colors.

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